Saturday, March 26, 2011

There's more to me than meets the eye!

Don't you hate when people look at you for the first time and think they have you all figured out? Because I do!
They think that if you talk in a certain way, or act in a certain way, you are like this or like that. They give you names, act by prejudice and think that they are better than you. Most of the times, they are worse. And if someone tells them that, they feel offended. Maybe they forgot to look themselves in the mirror once in a while, and if they really see who they are, or really know who they are, then they should speak about someone else. It's certain that no one really knows who they are! I don't know who I really am, yet I know myself. I wonder if the things you like, or the music you listen to, or the words you say define a person.
They say that "the eyes are the mirror of one's soul". I cannot agree with that. Why?! Because your eyes can express what ever you want them to express, what ever you want people to see in them. You choose how to look at the person in front of you, no matter of the topic of your discussion.
For example, if you are impressed, your eyes are big; if you lie, you look the other way. You don't come with an "user manual" can be impressed by something and yet, don't express anything.
So I guess, falsity surrounds us everywhere, unless we want to change that.
One can choose to be happy or not, show that is is happy or not, or just choose to be affected or not by the things that happen in general.
It's just the way it does not go by default, but by choice!

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