Thursday, April 30, 2009

We learn both through studying and through the experience that life gives us!

Since childhood, we spend our lives sitting in some school desks, four, five, six, seven hours a day, drawing lines, learning the ABC, trying to be the best in all that we can. As years pass by, we learn more and more things, we get involved in many extra-curricular activities, trying to make our school life as easy and as joyful as it can be.
Day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, as we grow up, we start to think of other things than just how to get good marks or to impress ourselves with how good or bad we actually are. When we reach adolescence, our feelings start taking attitude, we fall in love, we make many friends with whom we go out and have fun.
In this part of our life, school can not interfere. Although we learn many things in school, it does not teach us how to love. This chapter of our lives is teached and learned by ourselves, and if something goes wrong...well...that is where experience gets involved.
From all the things we are being taught in school, some are let outside for experience to teach us. It is said that experince is the worst teacher of them all in one's life, because, at first it gives you the test, and then it teaches you the lesson. For example, in a relationship, you know what to avoid, but at some point, you make a mistake, and only after you suffer the consequences, you learn that you shouldn't have said or done what you did.
Once we finish school and face real life, we get to realise that what we've learned in theory is much harder to put into practice. We have to make our way through life, and try to avoid hitting the walls that surround us, so that the pursuit of happiness is much easier.
That is why, we learn both through studying and through the experiences that life gives us.


Shot 2 Hell said...

Yeah, good essay, it actually proves that you can`t do anything for yourself, and all that you ever did is based on reading other peoples work. Indeed school, books, movies,music everything has a NOTE, a theme, a whatever you like to call it, what matters is how the hell you turn that note,bend it, move it,shape it for your own benifit, indeed, you have not read romeo and juliet, to see how true love has to be, you have not read Othello, to understand human emotion, neither have you read the ost basics of basics, Puguta cu 2 Bani, to actually understand that everything that is alive on this misserable earth comes with a price... some decissions in this world, will ruin you, like mine in your case :) but... what the hell... life is worth loosing for this cause, a heavy cost, I pay it gladly...but indeed, it is good to see, and I must verbosely state that you have read your history, indeed, a small mind, can compary you with two people i know of Decimus Junius Albinus Brutus, and the by far the perfect example I can find Napoelon Bonaparte, indeed, to people that did beautiful things for empires, but in the end , they broke their most basic of principels... never do something you don't want to... indeed, they as same as you will do right now said " But I wanted to, why can't you understand " You have to know this :)

What can I say about experience is the worst teacher of them all... hmmm... I dissagree, how can you consider a bulletproof vest a stupid thing for example, it was found from the experience that bullets pierce skin, or better yet, if experience wouldn't be developed in life, you would do the exact same mistakes wherever you would go... but school, indeed, does not teach these things, it feeds them to you, so, as our instinct guids us, you will do them, JUST TO CHECK if they are or are not true :) experience, something that we all need, books don't teach you that, cause if they would have...all the shit you are in right now, would have been avoided in the first place. Enjoy these 40 days, let me see if experience told you to pay atention to the most important thing in your life so far, or the thing you hold near you... WHB :* 40 Days Grace

Shot 2 Hell said...

By the way, stiu ca nu il vei citii nici macar pe jumate cu atentie , asa ca nu are sens sa te stresezi :) viata e facuta pentru tine sa fie citita printre randuri :) Ai grija ca pierzi detalii si odata unul din acele detalii, va fii chiar ceva... ce tii aproape.

Dracool said...

nu te doare capu' ??? :lol:

Demetrusz said...

sunt de acord cu Shot 2 Hell,cateodata ne concentram prea mult,si uitam sa citim si detalile